Essential School Information – Covid 19

During the school shutdown this will be our homepage.  All important updates will be posted here and all relevant information about learning will be posted on the class pages.  Remember, if you have any queries then please contact us at:

Remember, if you are finding the weekly tasks a challenge, your children will learn plenty if they are enjoying playing board games, playing imaginatively or playing with rediscovered old toys.

Play is the Work of Children

ATTENTION ALL CPS FAMILIES! Your teachers have been working on something very special to show you 🌟🎶 Watch the video below to see their top tips for how to “Keep the Blues Away”


Easter 2020 newsletter

Free School Meals FAQs

Maximise! What to Claim Coronavirus Factsheet March 20

Covid-19 Letter to ParentsCarers 190320

ASL Info for parents and carers

Edinburgh Learns Guidance for Parents – Teaching Learning GIRFEC