Multi-Sport Skills October Flyer 2018

Tennis flyer – Saturday 6 October – and Autumn programme information

Thistle Open Day Flyer PDF

Thistle 2018 Tennis Timetable Autumn Term Junior Program for Schools

Religious Observance

Every school in Scotland is required to have six Religious Observance assemblies throughout the school year.  We have arranged for four of those so far and will update the website with details of the final two when we have the dates confirmed.  Thus far we have:-

Wednesday 3rd October 1.15pm HARVEST

Tuesday 6th November 1.15pm REMEMBRANCE

Tuesday 18th December 1.30pm CAROL SERVICE at the church

Tuesday 3rd April  1.15pm  EASTER

Please let us know if you would like to discuss the content of these assemblies further with a member of the Leadership Team.


If you are at a loose end on Saturday afternoon why not go to Tea in the Park.  Details below.

Tea in the Park poster

School nursing poster

2018-19: Parent Council Meeting

All parents are invited to attend the first meeting of the Parent Council for the new school year on Tuesday 28 August at 3:15 in the family room.  Please advise Paul Whyte, chair of the Parent Council, if there is anything you would like to be added to the agenda.

Tennis Coaching for Kids

Thistle 2018 Tennis Timetable Autumn Term Junior Program for Schools

Parent & Carer Survey 2017

The Parent and Carer Survey 2017, (hosted by Survey Monkey), is now available online. If you would like to complete the Parent & Carer Survey please note it closes on March 16th.

Keeping Up to Date with Colinton News

Colinton Primary asked its ‘community’ how they would like to be kept up to date.

Colinton now use Twitter to provide it’s parents and carers with up to the minute information.  You can access  Twitter by clicking the image.