Working With Parents

The Colinton Parent Council

The Parent Council is a means of communication between parents, staff and the local community.  Colinton Parent Council consists of parent representatives, co–opted members from the local communityand staff members. The Headteacher at Colinton acts as an advisor.  The parent council also raises funds for the school. This money is used to provide additional equipment and funds for special events at the school.  Membership is free and open to all parents with children in the school, and a warm welcome is extended to everyone who attends meetings and events.

Consultation Evenings

Parents are invited into school twice a year to discuss children’s progress – in November and March. The first meeting is held to talk about how your child has settled into his or her new class.  However, if you wish to speak to us about any aspect of your child’s education or welfare at any point in the year, we will be very happy to discuss it with you.  A written report is given once a year towards the end of the summer term. Copies of these are kept in your child’s Pupil Progress Record which is eventually transferred to your child’s next school.

Parents Working In School

We welcome parents who have specific talents to share with the children or feel they would like to help in anyway – in the library, assisting pupils with work on computers, gardening, cooking etc. We also always need parents to help on outings. The class teachers are always glad to know of parents who are willing and available to help in any way. Please contact our School Administrator for further details.  In line with City of Edinburgh Guidelines, references are taken up for all parents and volunteers who help in school.  We very much appreciate the support and help of parents in enriching the curriculum for all our pupils.

More Information Can be found in our school handbook.