Teaching Methods

We recognise that children differ widely in personality, ability, speed and style of learning. At Colinton we make sure our teaching methods take account of these differences. Individual, group and class activities are plannedto support every child as an individual. This makes sure that your child will be successful at his or her own level, will be motivated to learn and therefore gain self esteem and confidence through a sense of achievement.

The Active Approach

We give children as much first–hand experience as we can by planning visits into the local and wider environment.  We use high quality teaching and learning resources; structured materials for practical activities and use ICT hardware and software, interactive whiteboards; the internet and reference books to motivate and support effective learning and teaching. There is still a place for traditional class lessons but we know that children learn more effectively when they take an active collaborative approach.  We also encourage children to work by themselves as well as in small groups – taking responsibility for and ownership of their work to develop good study habits for life.