Primary 1

22 June Grid_Primary 1

My favourite memory of Primary 1


15 June Grid Final

Butterfly Symmetry


green_before and after

Purple and Blue_

Symmetry faces

Symmetry Flowers


June 8th Grid_Primary 1

Blue Group

Blue group2

Half of a shape

Minibeast division

Money detectives

Summer 1

Summer 2





Primary 1_1June

Correct Change Please 1

Division Powerpoint

Equal Groups Sharing

how_much_money_purse Challenge

More or Less Coins

Number 1-10 booklet

Serve it up

Spring Themed Division by Grouping Activity Sheet

Sports Day Challenge Week 6


P1 grid. 25 May

division as grouping_Challenging

division as grouping_give it a go

grouping_and_division_getting trickier

Money Booklet

In view of the school celebrating the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Room to Grow, here are some optional activities for you to try as well.

Room To Grow Tea Party



P1 Week 6 Summer Term

digital time

Oclock worksheet


Sports Day Challenge Week 4


P1 Week 5 Summer Term

Book review


Grouping division

Grouping numeracy

Number bonds 2

Number Bonds

Oclock time

Sharing equally

Subtraction from 20


P1 grid 4-5-20

P1 Grid Wb 27-4-20

2D and 3D shape Woorbook

Addition and subtraction workbook

P1 Writing Template Week2

Spring Flowers wordsearch


P1 grid Wb 20-4-20

P1 Grid Wb 30-3-20

P1 Grid Wb 23-3-20

Additional Resources you will need to complete these activities

Addition and Subtraction Snakes and Ladders

addition to 5 Elmer

Addition to 10 Elmer

Addition to 20 Elmer (Extension)

all oxford reading tree ort key sight words

Block 1 and 2 tricky words

Colour by number addition

Ladybirds CVC Activity book

LadybirdsCVC word list

Pictograms Grid

Words to support Digraphs

Homework Grid Monday 16 March- P1