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Final day of activities!

After a good night’s rest we are all getting ready for our final day of activities at Lagganlia. The rain has stopped although it is still quite windy. We think that a couple of groups are going hillwalking today and others may be snowboarding and mountain biking – however we will have to wait and see what our instructors say.
We are looking forward to Mrs Imrie coming to visit and hope she has practised her dance moves too.
Better go for breakfast – we can all smell the bacon rolls – yummy!

Wet! Wet! Wet!

Today has been a day when everyone has been wet, wet, wet! One group went off up the gorge only to find it had turned into an absolute torrent of water! This meant they were unable to use the usual route – but undaunted they pioneered a new route through the side channels and had a great experience! A group went out mountain biking through forest trails, over bumps and through muddy puddles – a messy adventure! Groups were also busy on the ski slope – snowboarding in the morning and skiing in the afternoon. Abseiling was the afternoon activity for one group and another went off to the archery range. All of these activities took place on a day of constant rain – but no complaints were heard – just lots of enthusiasm and fun.
Evening activities are now just about to begin – indoor games this evening – and maybe some dance practice for the disco tomorrow!
Everyone is looking a little tired – including the teachers! Someone has even asked if we can go to bed early tonight!

A new day dawns…

Another new day – and after a good night’s rest everyone is talking about today’s activities! Groups are going snowboarding, mountain biking, gorge walking and skiing today. It’s raining a little this morning so we hope that clears up before we head out.
We all enjoyed our evening activity last night when we went out on the Nightline – we were all blindfolded and had to make our way around an obstacle course – we worked as a team with those at the front passing information back to the rest of the group – great fun! We then had a birthday celebration for Jenna – delicious cake and a game of pass the parcel. For tea last night we had chicken curry – which Jenna said was just what she would have chosen for her birthday tea!
Breakfast time now and then we’re all set for the day ahead!

What a day!! – and it’s not over yet!

Colinton 003Colinton 001
What an amazing day we have had here at Lagganlia! One group set off with their instructor Kevin to climb to the top of Creag Mhigeachaidh (741m). It was a lovely day as we set off but once we got to the top it was so windy! We had to hold onto each other to make sure nobody blew away! We learned that teamwork is really important!
The other two groups have climbed up a gorge through rushing water – great fun but very wet! – and have been learning to ski on the Lagganlia ski slope. Some people were very quickly able to ski around the bend and even from the top of the slope!
Mr Morrison has visited today and it’s been lovely to share our adventures with him.
Tonight we are hoping to go out on another activity in the dark – the Nightline! Some of our older brothers and sisters have told us about it already and it sounds fun!

Good Morning!

After a very peaceful night – everybody slept well and most had to be woken up at 7.30am! – we have had breakfast, made our packed lunches and are busy now tidying bedrooms before room inspection takes place at 9.00am!
Today one group is heading off on an all day hillwalk while the other two will be gorge walking and skiing. The weather is looking good and we are all raring to go!

We’ve arrived!

After what seemed like a very long journey, we arrived at Lagganlia at about 1.45pm – we had stopped for a short break and a run around in Dunkeld. We were all very excited to be here, find our bedrooms and meet our instructors. After making our beds – it was great that some of us had practised at home and were able to help others! – we went out to explore the site. We found out that there is lots of room to run around, a traversing wall to try and climb and plenty of fresh air!
It’s dark now so we are back inside and are doing some unpacking before we have tea. Afterwards we will have an evening activity – probably outside in the dark! – good job we brought our torches!
Everyone is having a great time and looking forward to all the activities we will be doing – we’ll tell you all about them as the week goes on – and hopefully add some photos too!

Thrilling Thursday – update!

Once again everyone has had a great day – and all are looking a little tired – but still gearing themselves up for some disco fun!
Two groups went out on the hills today making the most of the fabulous weather. One group walked from the centre to climbed Creag Mhigeachaidh – at a height of over 700m – before walking back to Lagganlia again – a 6 mile trip!! The other group took the minibus to Cairngorm Fenicular Station – then walked to the top of Cairngorm itself – bagging their first Munro – they then descended down Ficaill Ridge battling against some very strong winds. Both groups did really well on their walks and enjoyed the spectacular scenery.
The third group today spend the morning climbing and abseiling and then had a session on the ski slope in the afternoon. It was amazing watching them become so confident on their skis so quickly with several skiing from the top of the slope.
Dinner was enjoyed by all – beefburger or pizza with potato wedges followed by delicious raspberry cheesecake.
This evening suitcases need to be packed ready for the journey home tomorrow – then the disco gear will go on ready for the final fling!
We’ll all sleep well tonight!!

Thrilling Thursday!

Good Morning from Lagganlia!
After a great night’s sleep we are all up and ready for today’s activities. Bacon rolls for breakfast will fill us up before we head out. The weather is looking good – dry and mild again – and everyone is keen to get going. The instructors have been super and, as each group has the same instructor for every activity, they have all got to know each other really well. Andy and Graeme are taking their groups hill walking today and Rafael’s group will be climbing in the morning and skiing in the afternoon.
After our activities we will be back to get ourselves ready for the disco tonight – there have been lots of discussions about outfits and hairstyles!! We just hope we have some energy left to dance the night away!!
Check later to find out how we got on with our activities today.

Wonderful Wednesday!

Good Morning from Lagganlia!

After a good night’s sleep we are all up and raring to go! The weather is dry and mild and ideal for our activities today. Some of us are heading out for a whole day in the hills. Another group will be gorge walking in the morning and biking in the afternoon and the third will be gorge walking and skiing – what a busy day!

We’ll let you know later how we get on.


Terrific Tuesday!

What a busy day we’ve had up at Lagganlia. Everyone has been trying new challenges and really pushing themselves to achieve more than they thought possible.

Two groups were out on the ski slope,and were very soon skiing down showing everyone their best pizza slices. Others were jumping into the freezing waters of the river while making their way up the gorge – fortunately the weather was quite mild up here today! Two groups met the challenge of the abseil cliff and several climbed to the top of the tree. We also had a group out on bikes following trails through the forests around Lagganlia.

A busy day – and it’s not over yet as the children are heading out soon, armed with their torches, for a scavenger hunt in the dark!!

Food is great – rolls and sausage for breakfast – a packed lunch – and beef curry or baked potatoes with coleslaw and cheese followed by sticky toffee pudding for dinner.

Everyone slept well last night and after all our activities today we’re sure they’ll sleep well again tonight!!

We’ll give you another update tomorrow – we hope to be hill-walking, biking, gorge walking and out on the ski slope again tomorrow.