Absense Policy


If your child is absent from school through ill–health please contact the school before 9.30 am to let the class teacher know. If no contact has been made then the school will phone home to find out the reason for absence. A letter should also be brought by the child when he or she returns to school.

Requests for leave of absence such as dental appointments or holidays should be sent to the Class Teacher. If a child is leaving school early, it is essential for safety reasons that he or she is collected from the school office by the parent.


As a parent you are legally responsible for making sure that your child attends school regularly. If a child does not attend school regularly, the Headteacher will approach the family in the first instance to discuss the problem. However, if the problem persists, then the school may ask an Education Welfare Officer to become involved.

Getting To School On Time

It is important that your child gets to school for the start of the school day. Children who are late often become distressed and their late arrival upsets the child who may miss valuable teaching time. A welfare officer will be referred to for persistent offenders. If parents know they are going to be late collecting their child, please inform the school as soon as possible to avoid any upset. Any pupils not collected will wait at the school office until an adult comes.


We do not encourage holidays to be taken during term time, unless in exceptional circumstances, as pupils will miss valuable teaching time. If you need to request a holiday during term time, please write to the Headteacher who will decide if it is authorised or unauthorised, depending on the reason and number of days’ holiday requested. Requests for holidays of more than two weeks cannot be authorised by the headteacher and will need to be put in writing to Council Headquarters to be authorised by the Director of Children and Families Department.