Scottish National Standardised Assessments

Over the coming weeks primary 1,4, and 7 will be completing the online Scottish National Standardised Assessments.

What does this mean for your child?

Children do not have to revise or prepare for assessments. The assessments are used as part of routine teaching and learning to help teachers understand how well your child is progressing and to plan next steps.

The system is designed so that if a child is experiencing difficulty, the questions will get easier, and if a child is doing well, the questions will become more challenging. In this way, the assessments establish children’s capacity without them having to face lots of questions that are too easy or too hard for them to answer. There is no pass or fail.

The assessments are as short as possible and are age and stage appropriate. There is no time limit. This is to ensure children do not feel unnecessary time pressure when undertaking the assessments. We do expect, however, that the majority of children will complete each assessment in no more than 45 minutes. Your child will not be expected to take assessments covering reading, writing, and numeracy in one sitting.

More information is available in this leaflet designed for parents and carers.

Parent and Carer Leaflet

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