Thursday 14 November

P1010227Our congratulations go to Katie (P1-The Wizards) for winning the Colinton Cup this month.  This month our focus was on pupils who lead by example and Katie was nominated by several members of staff for always making good choices and helping others by showing them the correct way to conduct themselves.  Well done Katie.

We have been busy with Parent-Teacher consultations on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Our thanks go to our pupil helpers who assisted with ensuring that everything ran smoothly.  If any parents feel they would like to further discuss their child’s progress because they did not have the opportunity to fully cover everything then they should contact the school to make another appointment.

You should also take a moment to check out our Gallery of Work as class pages have now been updated with new examples of pupil work.

Finally, tomorrow is Children In Need day and our Fundraising Committee have chosen to help the cause by encouraging everyone to come to school in their PJs.  Please note that due to the very cold November weather pupils should wear their PJs over some warm clothes.  We don’t want any frozen children tomorrow!

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