Friday 25 January

On Wednesday evening parents, staff and a selection of other invited guests came together to enjoy a splendid evening of Scottish entertainment from the Centipedes to mark Burns night just slightly earlier than usual.  All of the pupils did a fine job in preparing and serving  a wonderful plate of stovies and then entertained everyone with a modern and somewhat unique take on Tam O’ Shanter.

It was also a real joy to be piped into the hall by Kyle Rowan before being entertained by his wonderful accordion playing during the meal.  All of the pupils wrapped up the evening by singing Auld Lang Syne, which Kyle had learned to play on his pipes just that afternoon, before sending us on our way.  It was a great night and our congratulations go to everyone who took part.


Finally, our best wishes go to Mrs Pentland who begins her period of maternity leave today.  Everyone in school, especially the Caterpillars, will miss her while she is gone.  She leaves with our very best wishes to enjoy a well-deserved rest before she has her baby and we look forward to seeing both her and her new arrival sometime soon.  We are also pleased to welcome Mrs Natalie McKerrow, who has been liaising closely with Mrs Pentland to ensure a smooth handover for the class, to the school on Monday.

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