Wednesday 5 December

The caterpillar class had a wonderful visit to Lauriston castle yesterday. We saw how the house would look at Christmas time about 100 years ago and we even got to see some of the Edwardian toys that little boys and girls would get as presents. On the Christmas tree we saw that they had candles instead of lights…we thought this was a bit dangerous. We were allowed to visit the dining room where we saw the table set up for Christmas dinner. We found out that people used to eat goose instead of turkey at Christmas.

We enjoyed visiting the house library and listening to Christmas stories and we absolutely loved the Magic Lantern show. We found out that people didn’t have cameras or cinemas so they had to paint pictures on to glass and project them on to a big curtain. We sat in the dark and watched the story of Cinderella, it was fantastic!

At the end we had been so well behaved that we got a very special visit from Santa. It really was a great morning. Mrs Pentland and Mrs Bates were very proud of how good we were at listening and how well behaved we were.

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