Monday 19 November

This week is Road Safety week.  Our Junior Road Safety Officers have organised “Be Bright, Be Seen” day for Friday.  All pupils will be encouraged to dress as brightly as possible to encourage everyone to think about how they can make traffic aware of them when they are out during the dark mornings and evenings.  Our community police team are scheduled to be outside the school this week to encourage parents to drop off children safely.  We would like to encourage as many parents as possible to walk their children to school.  However, in the event that this is not possible we are asking that all parents do not stop on the yellow lines immediately outside the school to drop off or collect children.  We would like to advise that parking/dropping off can be done in Redford Grove, Redford Gardens or at the top end of Redford Place, all of which are a very short walk from the school.  Our children have been spoken to in their classes and at assembly about road safety, with a special mention made of the area just outside the school and at the corner of Redford Place and Redford Bank.  We would really appreciate it if you could reinforce this message with your children and take extra care to supervise young children on bikes and scooters.  Please remember that according to the AA around 5000 children under 16 are killed or seriously injured in road traffic accidents every year in the UK.  That works out at roughly 13 children every day and unsafe parking is a major contributor.  Please do your bit to keep our pupils safe.

This week we have our parent-teacher consultations on Wednesday and Thursday.  You should now have your appointment time.  The teachers are looking forward to seeing you. If there are any issues you would like to discuss with Mrs Donaldson or Mr Morrison then they will be available throughout the evening to see you.

Finally, I think all of the children who were at Lagganlia last week are grateful that the full awfulness of the weather was saved for this week rather than last week when they were away.  We would like to congratulate all the children who were at camp on a very successful week.  They worked hard and learned a lot about themselves, their classmates and the value of teamwork.  We hope they have developed a real taste for the outdoors and can take those experiences from last week with them in to new areas for the rest of their lives.  Below we have another short selection of photos from the week.

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