Thrilling Thursday – update!

Once again everyone has had a great day – and all are looking a little tired – but still gearing themselves up for some disco fun!
Two groups went out on the hills today making the most of the fabulous weather. One group walked from the centre to climbed Creag Mhigeachaidh – at a height of over 700m – before walking back to Lagganlia again – a 6 mile trip!! The other group took the minibus to Cairngorm Fenicular Station – then walked to the top of Cairngorm itself – bagging their first Munro – they then descended down Ficaill Ridge battling against some very strong winds. Both groups did really well on their walks and enjoyed the spectacular scenery.
The third group today spend the morning climbing and abseiling and then had a session on the ski slope in the afternoon. It was amazing watching them become so confident on their skis so quickly with several skiing from the top of the slope.
Dinner was enjoyed by all – beefburger or pizza with potato wedges followed by delicious raspberry cheesecake.
This evening suitcases need to be packed ready for the journey home tomorrow – then the disco gear will go on ready for the final fling!
We’ll all sleep well tonight!!

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