Wonderful Wednesday: Evening

It has been another super day at Lagganlia.  Mrs Fraser’s group were taken on to Meal Am Buachialle by their instructor Rafael.  Everyone in the group got to the summit and had a fab time playing “Rustlers and Cattle” on the way.

Both Mrs Anderson’s group and Ms Simpson’s group enjoyed the gorge walk, learning valuable lessons in teamwork along the way.  In the afternoon Ms Simpson and PC Weir took their group on to the dry ski slope for some snowboarding fun, while Mrs Anderson’s group were joined by Mr Morrison for an afternoon of offroad mountain biking.  It was great.

It was chicken fajitas for almost everyone at teatime, although there was one advenurous soul who had a go at the vegetable lasagne, while everyone got to enjoy the tasty rice krispie cakes that Mrs Imrie had provided for dessert.  Thanks Mrs Imrie!

Everyone is currently enjoying some freetime before getting ready for this evening’s activity.

On the whole, all the group are enjoying the numerous challenges that Lagganlia is providing.  The instructors have been very impressed with everyone’s attitude and everyone is having a great time.

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