Terrific Tuesday!

What a busy day we’ve had up at Lagganlia. Everyone has been trying new challenges and really pushing themselves to achieve more than they thought possible.

Two groups were out on the ski slope,and were very soon skiing down showing everyone their best pizza slices. Others were jumping into the freezing waters of the river while making their way up the gorge – fortunately the weather was quite mild up here today! Two groups met the challenge of the abseil cliff and several climbed to the top of the tree. We also had a group out on bikes following trails through the forests around Lagganlia.

A busy day – and it’s not over yet as the children are heading out soon, armed with their torches, for a scavenger hunt in the dark!!

Food is great – rolls and sausage for breakfast – a packed lunch – and beef curry or baked potatoes with coleslaw and cheese followed by sticky toffee pudding for dinner.

Everyone slept well last night and after all our activities today we’re sure they’ll sleep well again tonight!!

We’ll give you another update tomorrow – we hope to be hill-walking, biking, gorge walking and out on the ski slope again tomorrow.

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