Monday 12 March

Our classes have been busy again this past week.  On Monday last week a group of our P6 and P7 pupils went to the Meadows to participate in a cross country running festival.  As usual, the behaviour was excellent and our runners put up a very good show.

On Tuesday Mrs Imrie enjoyed some more fine dining, this time with Lethee and Mathias from the Wildcats class.  Well done to both of them on getting 100 house vouchers.

On Thursday the Giraffes went to a tennis festival at Craiglockhart and had a great time working with boys and girls from our other cluster primary schools, whiloe on the same day the Lions sent a team of four pupils to a maths festival at Merchiston Castle school.  Well done to everyone who participated and tried their very best.

Finally, we have attached a copy of the new school dinners menu.  The cost of a dinner remains £1.75 and we ask that you send in payment on Monday morning in an envelope clearly marked with your child’s name, class and days they are having a dinner.  Simply click on the image below to enlarge it.

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