Thursday 3 November – Camp Day 4 Part I

“This has been the best week of my life.”

Today’s update comes in two parts, the second of which will be posted later on this evening.

This morning we were joined by Mr Morrison for our activities up until lunch time.  The initial rain cleared up for our two morning activities, the giant swing and the challenge course.  The challenge course involves getting thoroughly wet and crawling through a long muddy pipe. PC Jones enjoyed this experience so much that he did it with both groups!

Mr Morrison opted to be with us at the giant swing.  Everyone played their part in hauling two group members about ten metres off the ground before one of the pair had to pull a rope to let it all drop.  The screams could be heard all over the camp site!  The slideshow below will give you a taste of what was involved.

Photographs from the challenge activity will be posted on Monday when the group return with that camera.

Afterwards we enjoyed a lunch of soup, pizza and salad, said goodbye to Mr Morrison and got ourselves ready for the climbing wall.

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