Wednesday 2 November – Camp Day 3

We have had another great day at camp and enjoyed a visit from Mrs Imrie and Ms Beteta.

Breakfast today included a choice of porridge or scrambled eggs and sausages. For lunch we had baked potatoes. Dinner included the choice of pork chops, vegetable curry, beef stroganoff  or sausage casserole followed by a jam doughnut.

This morning we went orienteering and undertook the vertical challenge! The vertical challenge was quite high, but we all gave it a try.

This afternoon we all tried the sequoia scramble, including all the adults – PC Jones and Ms Beteta made it to the top and rang the bell! We also had a turn at abseiling. After our activities we had a balloon challenge to complete with Gavin (our Groupie).

After diner we completed today’s diary entry with the adults from school. Here are some of our thoughts:-

Lex: Camp is amazing. There are lots of activities and it is like being on holiday.

Kloey: Camp is great fun.

Elijah: I am having lots and lots of fun!

Liam D: Abseiling was great fun.

Leon: I really enjoyed orienteering at camp.

Brandan: It has been really exciting so far.

Matthew: It is great fun and the food is nice.

Liam W: The activities are great fun – I am really enjoying them.

Marica: We like our rooms and I enjoyed the zip wire.

Carra: Camp is amazing. I enjoyed the sequoia scramble and rang the bell. I am having great fun.

Thierry: I really enjoyed the sequoia scramble. Camp is really interesting and fun.

Cameron: It has been great fun – feels good as I have done everything.

Rosa: Some activities have been a challenge – it feels great when you do them.

Alan: I think camp is amazing and feel good that I have managed all the activities.

Mrs Jefffrey: It is non stop action! I loved the zip wire.

Mrs Fraser: I have really enjoyed myself so far. I particularly enjoyed the abseiling.

PC Jones: I am really enjoying being with such well behaved children.

It was then time for Mrs Imrie and Ms Beteta to go and for us to get ready for our evening entertainment – a game of Cluedo.

We are looking forward to Mr Morrison visiting tomorrow morning and trying the challenge course with us.

Here are some photos of us today!

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