Wednesday 14 September

Today was a special day for the school as we announced the first winner of the Colinton Cup.  This was awarded to Leon (The Zebras) for his consistently good manners, something all the staff commented favourably on.  The staff agreed that the most pleasing aspect of this decision was how hard it was to choose a winner.  We have all noticed a big improvement in pupil manners throughout the school and would like to congratulate all the children for making this improvement.  Although the new focus for the month ahead will be lining up and table manners, we will continue to expect high standards of all our pupils in their general manners around the school.  Our heartiest congratulations as well as our thanks go to Leon for leading the way in this initiative.

As well as announcing the Colinton Cup winner at assembly this morning, we also had a guest speaker from LEPRA telling the school about the work the charity does to fight leprosy all over the world.  It was uplifting and very interesting.  Our pupil’s fund raising group are meeting tomorrow for the first time and will be considering ways in which the school might be able to support the work of LEPRA.

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