Tuesday 28 June

Today has been a busy day.  We have had house parties for Harlaw and Torduff, the last two winners of our House Points (well done to them) and extra playtime for Threipmuir for their singing efforts at last Monday’s Garden Party.  Mrs Imrie also held a pizza party for her Golden Club members as a reward for their excellent behaviour and attitude throughout the year, so well done to Carra, Kloey and Leanne.  We have also updated the Golden Book for the final time this session.

We also had a farewell gathering for Mrs Jones, our ICT teacher.  Mrs Jones has worked really hard with all the pupils at Colinton and done a great job in teaching them how to use our computers.  We all wish her well and would like to thank her for all her hard work and expertise.

P7 have been practising hard for their end of year show which we are all looking forward to seeing on Thursday afternoon.  The stage and gym hall have been set up and are ready for the show.

Finally, your child has been informed of their new teacher and the class arrangements for next year.  If you have any queries about what will be happening then please contact the school.  We are only too happy to discuss any issues that may arise.

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