Tuesday 21 June

This must be one of the wettest days ever!  Poor Primary 2 chose just about the worst day of the year to pay a visit to the zoo.  Although they got very wet on their trip all the pupils were able to keep their spirits up and reported that the trip was, despite the weather, very enjoyable.  Well done to everyone who went for keeping a big smile on your faces.

Almost all of our P7 pupils are at Firrhill enjoying their three day visit, finding out about their new friends and new timetable.  We look forward to seeing them again on Friday to hear all about it.

We also had four pupils (Lennox P7, Ciaran, Alan & Vani P6) visit the City Arts Centre in advance of the Armed Forces Day exhibition of artwork by our pupils.  In the photos below you can see our representatives with examples of the art from every class in the school. We are all really looking forwards to the opening of the gallery on Friday.  The Evening News and the BBC were there as well to interview and photograph our pupils.  Afterwards the BBC came back to the school with us and interviewed everyone in P6.  They will be using the photographs and the recordings they made to put together a radio and internet broadcast about Armed Forces Day, our pupils’ involvement and what it means for children to have parents serving in the Forces.

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