Monday 20 June

Friday’s BBQ was, despite the typical Scottish weather, a very successful day.  Everyone who was there had a super time and enjoyed the opportunity to win some of our fabulous prizes (a Wii and an iPod touch being among the most exciting).  On the day we did really well in raising £1052.39 for the school, which coupled with the money raised two weeks ago, means that we have raised approximately £2000 for the school.  Well done and thank you to everyone who contributed, especially the Parent Council.

Today we have enjoyed the dry weather at our garden party in the Room to Grow.  We do this as our way to say “thank you” to the parent council and all the other people who have contributed to making the school a better place.  The whole school sang some of our favourite songs before we left the guests to enjoy some drinks and nibbles.  It was a great success.

Finally, the P7 Garrison FM review has been attached.  Click play on the media player below to see what our P7s had to say about about this school year.

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