Friday 27 May

Today marked the beginning of our Health Week.  The whole school went on our annual “Whole School Walk” in an attempt to rescue our ‘bearnapped’ teddies.  This was an event in which pupils represented their respective houses and took part in a number of activities organised by Mrs Buchanan.  Among the activities were a scavenger hunt, a visit to Dr Buchanan’s surgery and practical activities in which the pupils were to build a stretcher for their injured bears and a shelter for them.  Everyone enjoyed their activities and a special mention must be made to the P7 pupils who set a first class example to the younger pupils, and the House Captains and their deputies who helped organise everyone.  Well done and thank you for your hard work.

Making a shelter

Bavelaw's stretcher

The Houses Assemble

Heading Back to School

Pupils were reminded that they can wear appropriate sportswear for the duration of Health Week to streamline the process of getting ready for the activities we have prepared. We do, however, expect them to wear their Colinton sweatshirts.  We have attached the file that outlines what will be happening in school during the week ahead.  In those cases where a class is not listed it is because they are attending the City Arts Centre for the second part of the art activity for Armed Forces Day.

Health Week overview

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