Friday 20 May

As another short holiday approaches we bid farewell to some of our students.  Ms Gladden and Ms Houden, our PE students, finish today and Ms Brown, our student in the Nursery, finished her placement yesterday.  We would like to thank them for all their hard work and wish them all the very best for the rest of their course.

Unfortunately we had to cancel this morning’s Nursery pedal push due to the typically poor Scottish weather.  However, we are beginning to gear up for Health Week and we are all looking forward to the whole school walk next Friday.  A letter has been sent home regarding the arrangements, a copy of which we will post in the “Letters From The Office” section shortly.

We have updated the Golden Book for this week, and would like to say congratulations once again to Carra in P6 for being the first person to become a member of Mrs Imrie’s Golden Club.  We will also post a copy of the latest Colinton newsletter as soon as it is ready.  We hope you all have a super break and we look forward to seeing you back here on Thursday next week.

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