Monday 4 April

Mrs MacLeod opens the "Room To Be"

Today is “Chill Out” day at Colinton. We are all in our chill out clothes to celebrate the opening of our “Room To Be” by Mrs Carolyn MacLeod of the Royal Caledonian Schools Trust. The “Room To Be” is a facility all our pupils will be able to make use of when they are feeling upset, perhaps because a parent has been posted overseas, or are in need of some time out of class. Guests were invited to join us, first of all, at our Family Breakfast this morning for tea, coffee and hot rolls before we all moved outside to listen to our P7s, Mrs MacLeod and Mrs Imrie officially open the room. Afterwards we spent some time chilling out in our classes and later on today all classes will get the opportunity to spend some time in the room.  You can see the room in the photos below.

In other news, we have also added the new “Milk” letter for April-July into the “Letters From The Office” tab under the “Working With Parents” section.

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