Friday 25 March

Today we invited the pupils starting P1 in August into the school for a fun morning.  All the boys and girls enjoyed the story of the little chick, the bull and the red balloon in the library before they went into the gym hall to play some games, do some dancing and enjoy using the “boomwhackers” to whack out some different rhythms.  They all enjoyed their snack afterwards and finished the morning with another story about a little boy and a penguin, called “Lost & Found.”  While the children were busy doing these activities, the parents enjoyed tea, coffee and the chance to meet one another in our new Family Room.  If there is anything that parents would like to find out more about the school or the arrangements for starting P1 they can contact the school.  Details of how to do that are in the “Contact Us” section of the website.

Today was also the last day of “The Big Pedal,” the initiative to get as many pupils cycling to school as possible.  So far Colinton is the leading school in the Firrhill cluster and sitting in fourth place out of all the Edinburgh schools.  Today we had a record day as 36 pupils and 3 members of staff cycled or scooted to school.  Well done to everyone who took part over the last three weeks.  We will put a final update of our position on here as soon as the final results are announced.

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